Business Management Services

PGPC’s staff has decades of experience in business management and business office procedures in both the public and private sectors. The Staff's immense knowledge in these areas provides assistance, education, and training.

The District Business Office

  • Budget projects and analysis
  • Budget assistance using Visions software
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Corrective action plans
  • Compliance issues regarding the Uniform System of Financial Records (USFR) requirements
  • Mentoring, training, and educating
  • Project management
  • Timeline constraint issues
  • IGA's and cooperative contracts
  • Revenue and expenditure issues
  • State and federal reports

Accounts Payable

  • Assessment on processes—compliance with the Uniform System of Financial Records (USFR)
  • Outstanding and paid invoices assessment; taking advantage of discounts for prompt payments, proper usage, and reporting of use tax and sales tax
  • Encumbrance issues
  • Issuing 1099 forms
  • Using electronic accounts payable package attachments

Accounts Receivable

  • Assessment on processes to properly receive, document, and report all gifts and donations
  • Establish charge-back accounts when appropriate
  • Receiving credit card payments


  • Assessment of processes for past and current history of permanent, part-time/temporary, and substitute employees
  • Review and/or develop schedule of payments
  • Review various payroll deductions (insurance, direct deposits, TSA, garnishments, etc.)
  • Create process for dealing with non-contract employees (paid by payroll requisitions)
  • Setting up payroll calendars
  • Providing timely W-2 forms
  • Establish a system to account for the accrual and use of vacation, personal, sick, and compensatory leave for all employees

Student Activities/Auxiliaries

  • Assessment of processes for student activities account
  • Review for appropriateness of fund expenditures, tax donations, and gifts
  • Establish appropriate internal controls to record, process, summarize, and report student activity/auxiliary operations fund financial data
  • Produce factual, organized, and user-friendly student activities/auxiliary accounts

School Facilities Building Renewal Grants (BRGS)

  • BRG management of paperwork from start to finish,
  • From assessments phase all the way through to construction phase.
  • Change order process and payment applications.
  • Tracking where and which step every project is at; all while keeping you informed.