Human Resources

One of the most critical aspects of any public entity is Human Resources. PGPC can help by providing assessments of processes for all employee records from the time of the application, clearance, reference check, and/or drug testing to your district’s evaluation instruments and grievances. Some of the areas for which PGPC services are commonly required are:

  • Review the various employee benefits for compliance
  • Personnel file management
  • FLSA tracking and compliance
  • EEOC complaints
  • Complaints and grievances
  • Disciplinary action—documentation, letters, discussion
  • Terminations—certified, classified, and administrative
  • Assistance with creation or revision of an employee handbook
  • Assistance with creation or revision of ADA compliant job descriptions
  • Assistance in developing standardized forms, e.g., contracts/work agreements, employment applications, etc.

Reclassification Study

PGPC will assist in making responsible and efficient use of your resources by ensuring that your compensation system is:

  • Internally equitable
  • Externally competitive
  • Fiscally sound
  • Motivational to employees
  • Flexible to market changes
  • Easy to maintain

PGPC will prepare a proposal for a reclassification study that includes but is not limited to:

  • New job descriptions
  • Classification system
  • Updated pay grades and ranges
  • An implementation plan

We pledge to create a competitive, cohesive plan that ensures all proposal requirements are met and that grant applications will be submitted to the project liaison well in advance of the deadline.