PGPC One-Day Workshops

Throughout the year, PGPC offers single-day, six-hour workshops at their office location taught by experts in the field of procurement services, general fixed assets, and business management services. These intensive one-day workshops are instructor-facilitated, with hands-on training, and promote active discussion about techniques or professional concerns. Class size is limited to 12 attendees to enable individual attention.

Current Local Workshops (at PGPC)

  • Procurement: Not So Compliant Bids! on Friday, November 3, 2017 
    You won’t believe how bad some solicitations are and the Audit implications. Know the rules, dodge the findings. Just doing it the same way over and over doesn’t cut it, nor does “cut and paste” work out to your advantage. You will be asked to bring one or two of your solicitations to see how they measure up in a safe environment. This class will have you laughing and glad you came!
  • Procurement: Due Diligence on Friday, Friday, November 17, 2017
    What Is the Standard, How Is it Met, Does It Pass the Test? This class will review four different co-operative contracts to see if they measure up. Hands-on group activities!
  • Procurement: IFBs; Construction on Friday, December 1, 2017
    This workshop will be an IFB construction boot camp! It will take you through the entire IFB process from start to finish. You will come to understand where to prevent change order and how to add a quality factor. If you have SFB projects, you will need this workshop.
  • Procurement: RFPs; The 1-2-3’s on Friday, March 2, 2018
    This workshop will be a RFP boot camp where you will be taken through the entire RFP process from start to finish. You will come to understand where Strengths are; how to address the Weaknesses in the process; Make best use of the Opportunities, and protect your District from Vendor’s Threats (loopholes for charging more or claiming it was not included).

    Current Regional Workshops

    • Coming soon


    From our ADM Class, August 2016

    "I cannot thank you enough for sending me that flyer to the ADM workshop on Friday. I found out the answer to two major problems that have been an issue for several years, how to report Headstart kids and Speech Therapy only kids. YEA! Thanks again."


    From our Finance Class, April 2016

    "Wow! I have always spent days doing what you just showed us in 15 minutes. Awesome, sign me up for the next class."

    From our Grant Class, April 2016

    "ADE approved, yes approved, my amendment with two positions funded in the grant. Thank you! This will help my little district spend 95% of its Title I monies and that hasn't happened before (all the extra activities in this district never get done). I wouldn't have done this without your help since the 'old rule' was no teacher positions. Thank you!"

    From our ACA Workshops, January 2016

    "I really enjoyed the training and left feeling more confident to go back and be able to complete the ACA Reporting in a timely manner. Thank you!!"
    "Great Workshop, so glad I was here! It was all about Visions, the setups, the steps, and reporting."
    "Workshop was very informative and all questions were answered! Great with hands-on learning."
    "Great Job! Made a tough subject easy."
    "Great class, feel so much more comfortable in this area!"
    "Love the hands-on training; I would have been lost without it!"

    From our workshop Finance: The Process of Budget Revision

    "This workshop was just Outstanding!" (10/23/15)
    "LeAnn is an awesome Presenter!" (10/23/15)
    "I would recommend this training to my colleagues." (10/23/15)

    From our workshop: The AFR; Are you Ready?

    "Wow, I didn't know these tricks in Report Generator!" (8/28/15)
    "Outstanding Workshop! Setting was great." (8/28/15)
    "Loved seeing how Report Generator works. This really helps." (8/28/15)

    From our GFA Workshop: The Process of GFA Reconciliation 

    "Best One Ever!" (8/21/15)
    “A+” (8/21/15) 
    "Great Job David! He loves GFA and it shows!" (8/21/2015)

    From Procurement Workshop: Renewing Vendor Awards

    "Great Presentation. I learned so much!" (5/1/2015)

    From our GFA Workshop: Tag System Conversion

    "We leave his workshops inspired to apply the things we’ve learned." (4/17/15)

    From our Cooperative Due Diligence Workshop

    "Caroline always does an amazing job, and I appreciate her expertise." (4/16/15)
    "Great Lunch!" ( 4/16/15)

    From our GFA Workshop: Audit Findings

    "Loved the class!" (3/20/15)
    "The small group enabled individual attention for questions. Great lunch, too!" (3/20/15)

    From our Physical Inventory Workshop Attendees

    "I love the flow of the workshop. I’m about the working lunch too. David is an awesome teacher, and I love his humor and patience." (2/20/15)

    "As someone who is new to the school district, this information is imperative and essential to the daily job duties and tasks I do. Very informative and helpful." (2/20/15)

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