eMaster Contract Book

PGPC created a valuable procurement “gem” for public entities to use to gain easy access to major cooperative contracts. This gem-of-a-tool leads its users to prized information including the issuing contract officer, vendor contact information, awarded vendors, EPLS, and contract due diligence.

An Indispensable Resource

PGPC’s eMaster Contract Database takes the burden out of obtaining purchasing and procurement backup documents because you can print them directly off our database. This “tool in your belt” saves your procurement staff from issuing unnecessary bids and proposals while also taking advantage of volume purchasing pricing. This indispensable resource may even eliminate the need for your district to hire extra personnel just to keep up with current purchasing contracts. If your department has been downsized, eMaster Contract Database is a great asset for achieving and maintaining compliance.

Up-To-Date Information

PGPC's eMaster Contract Database keeps you current with the following cooperative contracts:

  • State Contracts
  • DOE Contracts
  • ADOT Contracts
  • MOHAVE Contracts
  • OMINI Contracts
  • SAVE Contracts (issued by school districts)
  • GPPCS Contracts

The annual fee includes constant updates, which keep you current with new contracts right when they become available. Upon receipt of your purchase order for the annual fee, up to three designated users can log in to the online database to access the contracts.

Easy-To-Use Format

Looking up contracts is easy with multiple search options that include alpha contract title, vendor look-up, and keyword finder. All these features make what could be a challenging and time-consuming task, a quick and efficient process. For example, although you might think to look for an electrician under “Electric” or “Electrical” in the solicitation title on the state contract lists, it is often listed under “Repairs and Maintenance.” With our handy keyword indexing system at your fingertips, the eMaster Contract Database makes finding exactly what you are looking for a snap!