What We Do at PGPC

The Professional Group Public Consultants (PGPC) uses a three-way approach to serve our clients. This approach provides consistency between the Client (the public entity), the Service Team (PGPC staff), and Quality Assurance.

Service Teams Provide Continuity

We have organized PGPC's staff into service teams, and each Team works with a small number of clients focusing on learning the specifics essential to satisfy each client’s requirements. The Team is organized to provide consistent, direct, and personal service to the Client. This structure ensures a personal connection as well as continuity. The Team knows your systems, your information, and your needs.

Quality Assurance to Meet Your Needs

Quality Assurance is created through the use of best practices, procedures, and experience. The value of our service is meaningless unless the work we produce meets your needs and the requirements of numerous compliance agencies that monitor your operations. PGPC’s Quality Assurance makes certain the work you receive from us represents the highest quality public entity support available.

We All Win

Our reputation for quality speaks for itself. Our record is strong, and when we encounter issues, we aggressively work through the processes to find the appropriate solutions for our clients. It’s win-win for all involved.